- framerate (30)

- gamma settings for linear workflow

- Q (smart select) cycles selection modes if you accidentally press it multiple times. Changing it to "select object" from Customize > Customize User Interface... solves the problem.

- PFlow:

  • Only 50% of all the particles are displayed in the viewport
  • Collision Spawn makes particles bounce


- unstable Reaction Manager produces jitter

- unstable Spring Controller produces jitter

- unstable Gizmos (ie. deleting gizmos that have been space warp binded often results in a crash)

- unstable Groups with instanced modifiers

- When you change a PFlow icon from one layer to another, all the event etc. nodes attached to it remain on the original layer

- X (Search All Actions) does not find 3rd party modifiers

- Opening a scene with xref scenes shows all the xref's in the viewport even when their layers are hidden

- 'Hide unselected' does not hide xref scenes


- no multi-processing for Cloth-modifier

- macroscripts disappear on restarting max, unless you save them as .ms in scripts/startup.

- Dual Quaternion skinning only with a plugin

- Pixar SubD's only with a plugin (kind of)

- If 'Renderable' in object properties is off, you can't change the object ID. This leads to situations where you'd like to select all objects and reset their ID to 0, but you can't, because some of the objects in the scene are not renderable.

- If you render via backburner, you need to save the image (sequence) to a shared server.

- PFlow:

- no multi-processing
- Split Amount does not transfer any particle properties
- Rotation: 'Speed Space Follow' does not allow any divergence.
- Rotation: 'Speed Space' divergence does not effect particles in their local coordinates.
- Shape Instance: [x] Animated object is awfully slow, even with the 'Fast shape evaluation'. If possible, use multiple shape instances instead.

Chaosgroup V-Ray for 3ds MaxEdit

- Render element 'MultiMatteElement' checkbox 'isMATID' does not work. Instead you have to make an 'ExtraTex' pass with a VRayMultiSubTex -map assigned to it. Make the default color black and use three ID's for pure Red, Green and Blue.

- Render nodes cost extra on v3.0


- no limit on render nodes

- 'reference' instances let you add modifiers without modifying the original instance.